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Wealth and Estates Planning
- enabling you to preserve wealth for generations

- expertise with a personal touch

Welcome to Westmoore Private Clients
Westmoore Private Clients is the advisory arm of Westmoore Wealth, the boutique wealth management and fiduciary services group, and work with each member of the Group to offer consultancy and management services to their clients. We work with clients to strategically preserve their wealth across generations and jurisdictions.
Westmoore Private Clients has its headquarter in Geneva, a perfect location for international asset management and wealth planning.

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We understand that the way you structure your wealth today can affect your family for generations, which is why we put retaining longstanding relationships with each of our customers, their families, trusted advisers and trustees at the core of our business. We can help you manage complex family wealth as well as family businesses, providing the continuity to help you and your family build, enjoy and protect your wealth across generations.

Managing director Mr Stein Johnsen



3 May 2018

Malta to regulate Blockchain

Malta's Parliament is considering three bills that would regulate the use of distributed ledger technology (blockchain) by regulated entities.

19 February 2018
Nearly 100,000 properties owned by foreign entities
Some 97,000 properties in England and Wales were held by overseas firms as of January 2018, a quarter of them owned by entities registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), according to Land Registry data.

1 February 2018
UK inheritance tax review

The Chancellor has asked for a review of inheritance tax (IHT) in the UK. Mr Hammond wants to know if the system is still fit for purpose and whether there are any possible simplifications.
21 January 2018

Online company formation launched

Westmoore Fiduciary Services has now launched its Company Store and you can incorporate in 6 key jurisdictions straight from your desktop. Incorporation takes from 1 hourr and ready-made companies are always in stock and available for immediate delivery


In business, as in life, nothing ever stands still. Trends shift, rules change and so do your priorities.

We meet regularly with our clients to evaluate the position and prepare for tomorrow's challenges.


Our Services
Asset Protection
Asset Protection is about identifing the risks your wealth may be subject to and then establish a strategy to manage them and protect against them. Often this will include the establishment of a trust or a foundation

Tax Planning
Tax planning is enabling you to grow your after-tax returns by optimizing the structure of your assets within the legal framwork.
We can assist you with comprehensive tax advice on issues ranging from planning asset structures to finding the right legal structure.

Obtaining a citizenship in a country of choice gives a new dimension to your international planning and structuring.

Legacy Planning
Organising your wealth management in a family office may be an efficient way of engaging new generations in the management.


Goal-based wealth planning

what is your goal?

Wealth management should be adapted to your individual goals whether you are looking to invest in a new yacht, fund your lifestyle at retirement or pass on a legacy to future generations. We take all these elements into account when advising clients.



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1st Floor
10 rue de l'Arquebuse   
1204 Genève
+41 (0)22 548 1827
+44 (0)207 193 4115

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